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UNI001 - Picture 1


UNI setworks for setshaft carriage
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Technical data
  • Single-axis setworks (UNI universal module)
  • 56 keys keypad with finger-guide
  • Metric scale (1/10th mm) or imperial scale (1/1000th inch), set by parameter at commissioning
  • 10 memory pages of 32 presets keys (CANT mode and SET mode)
  • 2 preset keys assigned for memory recalls of the remainder to saw (recall MEM#1 and recall MEM#2)
  • 100 stack programs
  • 2 setting keys in CANT mode and SET mode
  • Special functions: research of the best program - optimization in a program - size repeat function according to the remainder to saw - slab recovery function - CANT and SET mode stack programs - MEM#1 and MEM#2, recall MEM#1 and recall MEM#2 functions
  • 20 digital inputs (specific carriage inputs)
  • 2 forward and reverse travel limits inputs
  • 1 digital polarity input for 0-10VDC analog output
  • 4 analog inputs + 12VDC
  • 8 digital outputs (to control single-speed and double-speed motor)
  • 1 analog output + 10VDC or 0-10VDC (with or without closed loop servo control)
  • Inputs for incremental or SSI encoder
  • 2 MUDBUS networks and/or 2 MUDBUS CAN networks
  • Power supply: 115VAC (recommended) or 230VAC
  • The UNI universal setworks can be upgraded to a DIV611 with a PC touchscreen interface