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3D scanner for linear carriage
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Technical data
  • The MUDATA 3D scanner composed of a MUDATA PC software 3D scanner for the MUDATA MUL602 setworks, 1 to 6 sensors with lasers triangulation (lasers and cameras), at least one PC with a profile acquisition software and a display screen of the scanned log profiles and a TCP modbus or incremental encoder. Each sensor is equipped with 2 cameras and 6 to 12 lasers
  • MUDATA 3D scanner for linear carriage allows to align the log on a programed Minimum Opening Face (M.O.F.) (minimum height x minimum length x taper %) or on a programed Best Opening Face (B.O.F.) (cant(s), side cant(s) and side board(s) sawing optimization and Minimum Opening Face of the first board size to saw) according to financial or yield recovery criteria
  • The lasers-cameras triangulation sensors are installed above the log loading deck, parallel to the sawing line at about 2.10m (6.8 feet) and at an inclination angle allowing to scan the entire face of the log to saw
  • After automatic log alignment request, the operator moves the carriage to the saw by means of the carriage drive control (joystick or pedals) so as to cover the distance between two lasers. Then, the log profile acquisition software gets log profiles, builds the 3D profile of the log face to saw, sends the data to the MUL602 PC touchscreen setworks which computes the Minimum Opening Face or the Best Opening Face and aligns the log accordingly
  • The PC software of the MUDATA MUL602 setworks allows sending production statistics by e-mail
  • A specific optimization for railway sleepers is available on request