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A constant search for innovation
With the expertise and experience of our team, MUDATA is moving towards modernization.
Innovation at the service of the wood industry
MUDATA develops innovative software for the wood industry. A budget invested annually in R&D allows us to prepare tomorrow's products.
Quality and reliability of our industrial equipment
We pay special attention to the quality of manufacture of our industrial equipment through different stages and tests. All of our setworks come with a 5 year warranty (except the keyboard) and 1 year warranty on other products. You can benefit from an extended warranty.
Electronic setworks for extreme environments
High speed and high resoluton scanners
Electronics engineering and software development

MUDATA know-how

For more than 40 years, MUDATA has gained recognized experience with sawmills and manufacturers of primary processing equipment for the wood industry in 5 continents, including 65 countries worldwide.
Based on this experience, MUDATA offers high quality products that is consistent with the specific needs of sawmills.
MUDATA equipment is easy to use yet features high accuracy and performance to maximize material yield and increase productivity, resulting in a fast return on investment.
MUDATA's products are designed to operate in difficult environments and consider the characteristics of the different types of wood (hardwood and softwood) and the wood classification rules.
MUDATA's R&D department is continuously committed to developing high performance products by integrating perennial technological innovations.
MUDATA provides industrial digital setworks, sawing optimization and PLC software, scanners and positioning sensors for the wood industry.
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Setworks, cubers, scanners and sawing optimization software for the wood industry

MUDATA manufactures positioning system with sawing optimization software, develops sawing optimization software and automatic alignment systems, 2D scanner and 3D scanner, log cubing systems, log crosscut optimization, finished product sorters for the wood industry.

MUDATA also has a PLC programming department that manages mechanization surrounding the machines equipped with its setworks.
The sawing optimization software in MUDATA setworks are the result of over 40 years of experience with hardwood and softwood sawmills and primary processing machinery manufacturers worldwide.
The operator interfaces, touchscreen or keypad, are designed to be user-friendly.
MUDATA setworks have an electronic architecture designed for harsh industrial conditions and complies with EMC rules.
MUDATA positioning systems, cubers, 2D scanners and 3D scanners feature high accuracy and performance to maximize material yield and increase productivity, resulting in a very fast return on investment.
MUDATA setworks, cubers, 2D scanners and 3D scanners incorporate the latest technological innovations.
Over 10,000 MUDATA setworks and scanners are installed in sawmills around the world, since 1979.
MUDATA is a team serving the wood industry.
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