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Industrial electronic setworks and sawing optimization, scanning and PLC software for the wood industry

A solid industrial experience

MUDATA is a manufacturer of industrial electronic setworks featuring specific sawing optimization software, scanners (volumes, 2D and 3D profile analysis) and PLC programming software for the wood industry.
Created in 1979, MUDATA began its activity by designing and producing innovative products using a brand new technology, microelectronics, including:
  • For SCANIA France, a prototype of a speed regulator
  • For Renault, a computer-controller of wooden shim for steering knuckle
  • For the SEITU company (RATP) the SITU, a public information terminal
  • For the Republic of Togo, the Lotomatic, an electronic recording and computing system for bets on British soccer games.
Then, MUDATA quickly developed a complete range of industrial digital electronic setworks integrating software functions for sawing optimization, called "Divisions", adapted to the primary and secondary wood processing industry.
MUDATA know-how is recognized worldwide by sawmillers and sawmilling equipment manufacturers.

MUDATA designs equipment that provides sawmills owners a very fast return on investment. As a matter of fact, MUDATA's optimization software generates better productivity by considering the needs in terms of material and financial yields.


MUDATA equipment is to be integrated (OEM). The integrator is responsible for installation, start-up and after-sales service on site, as well as for ensuring that the entire installation complies with current safety standards. Despite all the care taken in the creation of this site, MUDATA cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the information it contains. The software of the systems presented is the exclusive property of MUDATA. Any copy or other form of duplication of this product is prohibited. The following trademarks are registered: MUDATA ©, MUDBUS ©, OPTIGRUM ©. 

An optimal service

Our customers' satisfaction is our pride. From the initial contact to the installation of the equipment, from training and advice to technical support, MUDATA offers a complete service and we pride ourselves on it. Thanks to its experience and service, MUDATA has established itself as a benchmark and builds special relationships with its customers, many of whom have been working with MUDATA since its creation.


Founded by Gilles DESCARGUES et Eric DIEULOT in 1979, MUDATA began its activity by designing and producing innovative products using a brand new technology, microelectronics.

In 1981, in collaboration with the French Technical Center of Wood and Furniture (CTBA), MUDATA develops a real-time optimization system for log sawing on a carriage, called "OPTIGRUM", as well as positioning systems specialized in wood sawing, called "MUDATA DIVISION", which will enable sawmills to improve the quality of their sawing and greatly increase their material yield. In the same year, the IT institute awards both systems with the Microelectronics Applications Award.
In 1989, MUDATA receives the "Innovating to Export" prize from the "Ile de France".
In 1990, MUDATA creates a subsidiary in Spain, MUDATA SPAIN before its entrance in Europe.
In 1999, to extend its range of services to sawmills, MUDATA creates a subsidiary, in "Rhône-Alpes" region, MUDATA AUTOMATION, specialized in industrial PLC programming.
In 2007, Jocelyn (Joe) BUATOIS, who has been with the company for 14 years as an Export Sales Manager, acquires MUDATA SAS, takes over MUDATA AUTOMATION and invests in R&D to develop and launch a new generation of industrial standard setworks and scanners with customized software.
In 2009, MUDATA moves its headquarters to the French Alps, a dynamic region with a long industrial history where the wood industry is strongly represented.


All MUDATA setworks and scanners feature high accuracy and performance, yet remain user-friendly.


MUDATA equipment has been developed to overcome the problem associated with industrial environments and to guarantee maximum quality of work without any particular intervention during operation.



MUDATA equipment has been developed to comply with the main national and international standards for electronic measuring devices and in particular with the standards for electromagnetic compatibility. MUDATA equipments are therefore CE marked.