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POS381 or POS381-A
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POS381 or POS381-A

POS setworks for packet crosscut chainsaw
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Technical data
  • Single-axis POS setworks
  • 20 keys FR keypad with finger-guide (GB/US keypad available)
  • Metric scale (1/10th mm) or imperial scale (1/100th inch), set by parameter at commissioning
  • Display on the right of the actual size
  • Display on the left of the operating mode or the number of pieces to be made or the preset number used
  • SET mode
  • Chainsaw saw-kerft thickness set by parameters (+)
  • 10 SET mode presets
  • Manual controls arrow keys
  • Inputs for incremental encoder only
  • 4 digital inputs (start of the program - direction of the axis travel - axis position reset and number of pieces decrementation - SET mode setting)
  • 4 digital outputs (product to zero or status - right motion or ON/OFF - left motion or right/left motion - high speed or slow speed/high speed)
  • Power supply: 115VAC or 230VAC (to be specified when ordering)
  • For the POS381-A only: + 10VDC or 0-10VDC analog output set by parameters