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Light curtain laser sensors 2D scanner for linear carriage
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Technical data
  • MUDATA 2D scanner composed of MUDATA UNI900 scanning module, a MUDATA 2D scanner PC software for a MUDATA MUL602 setworks, an incremental encoder and 20 to 64 lasers sensors
  • MUDATA 2D scanner for linear carriage allows to align the log on a programed Minimum Opening Face (M.O.F.) (minimum height x minimum length x taper %) or on a programed Best Opening Face (B.O.F.) (cant(s), side cant(s) and side board(s) sawing optimization and Minimum Opening Face of the first board size to saw) according to financial or yield recovery criteria
  • Laser sensors are mounted every 150mm (or 6 inches in North America) along the sawline on the log infeed side
  • MUDATA UNI900 scanning unit records all laser sensors and encoder data in real time
  • MUDATA MUL602 setworks touchscreen PC records all data sent by the UNI900 scanning unit and by the UNI600 setworks unit and sets the carriage's knees so as to align the log on the Minimum Opening Face or the Best Opening Face
  • MUDATA electronic and software architecture between UNI900 scanning unit, MUDATA MUL602 setworks and touchscreen PC allow high performances as log scanning on the fly for instance
  • Production statistics can be sent by e-mail.