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LCam : automatic log prealignment system with cant/field optimization for setshaft carriage
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Technical data
LCam is composed of a PC, a PC touchscreen, 2 lasers, 2 cameras and a MUDATA automatic alignment software on a programed Minimum Opening Face (M.O.F.) or on a programed Best Opening Face (B.O.F.).
Once the operator manually aligns the log with the required taper % (50% or 100% or 0%), which would be requested for the log alignment, he pushes the "scan" button. 
Then, LCam sensors, mounted at each end of the carriage feed track, send log end profiles data to the PC.
The LCam scanner PC sends the setting data to the MUDATA DIV6XX setworks which aligns the log instantaneously on the programed Minimum Opening Face (minimum height x minimum length x taper %) or on a programed Best Opening Face (cant(s), side cant(s) and side board(s) sawing optimization and Minimum Opening Face of the first board size to saw), according to financial or yield recovery criteria.
The operation is renewed after log turning for each log face.
The operator can change the sawing patterns and log alignment presets at any time.
Production statistics can be consulted on the touchscreen PC and sent by e-mail.