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IRUS volume scanning system and bin sorter for log yard
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Technical data
  • The IRUS volume scanning system and bin sorter is composed of a UNI800-U, 3 ultrasonic sensors CEL950, an infrared light curtain, a rotary encoder, a 15" touch screen PC and a MUDATA scanning and sorting software
  • Global or per log statistics
  • Actual volume and commercial volume
  • Selection of the volume calculation formula
  • Sorting and editing by criterion, by sub-criterion, by bin, by valid bin and reject bin, by short and long log, by sorting memory, by essence, by class and by team
  • Management of downtime
  • Edition of product lists
  • Accuracy ± 10mm on the horizontal diameter and ± 1mm on the vertical diameter (log must touch the V-belt conveyor for an accurate measurement of the vertical diameter)