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PC touchscreen for multi-axes edger
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Technical data
  • PC touchscreen setworks for manual multi-axes edger composed of 1 to X UNI717 universal module(s) (X not limited), a 15" PC touchscreen and a positioning software configurable according to the number of mobile axes (canters, mobile blades, splitters)
    1. Metric scale (1/10th mm) or imperial scale (1/1000th inch or fraction), set by parameter at commissioning
  • X memory pages (X=set by parameter) of presets (number of presets set by parameter according to the number of moving blades)
  • 1 screen page to recall the memorized programs
  • 1 screen page to memorize a program rapidly
  • Specific software according to the configuration of the edger (canters, blades and splitters)
  • UNI717: 20 digital inputs (spedific edger inputs)
  • UNI717 : digital inputs (specific inputs)
  • UNI717 : 2 travel limits inputs forward motion and reverse motion
  • UNI717 : 2 digital polarity inputs for 0-10VDC analog outputs
  • UNI717 : 4 analog inputs + 12VDC
  • UNI717 : 8 digital outputs (to control single-speed and double-speed motor)
  • UNI717 : 2 analog outputs + 10 VDC or 0-10VDC (with or without closed loop servo control)
  • UNI717 : inputs for incremental or SSI encoder (2 axes)
  • UUNI717, PC tactile 15” : 2 MUDBUS CAN networks (CANBUS network with a MUDATA exchange protocol) and/or 2 MUDBUS networks and 1 Ethernet network for the remote maintenance services via the PC touchscreen setworks
  • Power supply: 115VAC (recommended) or 230VAC